Take  control of load 

Traditional agent agreements on their own are not enough. Our software gets every one of your agents delivering you load, when you need it.

 Optimise  your agents' performance

Do this on a market or region basis, or globally. Recruit more students, improve conversion rates, and cut acquisition costs.

Stop flying  blind 

Traditional agent contracting keeps management data weak and forces providers to guess what the market is doing. 

We give recruitment leaders unique insights on cost, demand, and opportunity.

The work you do is critical to your organisation. You need the best analytics possible.


Is your institution's recruitment process oriented this way?

At most institutions today, any agent can recruit to any program.

Whilst unintended, this makes the management of agents a greater focus than the fulfilment of specific intakes.

It also ensures some of your academic areas are under-served, whilst those with most market demand are oversubscribed.

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Feezy enables this instead 

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Why does this matter?

When you move your academic programs & courses to the centre of your agent-led sales process you gain granular load control (of both volume & diversity), can reduce your acquisition costs, and benefit from more focused and proactive agent effort.

You're operating in a crowded and global market. Your program offerings need to stand out.


Simple to deploy. Instant results.

Start controlling your institution's international load and diversifying intakes - down to a Faculty or program level - immediately. 

  • Grow margin

  • Take control of load

  • De-risk with data

  • Diversify intakes

  • Improve conversion

  • Increase reach

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Cut your average cost of sales and stop overpaying for students

When you pay a flat percentage across most or all program types you overpay for both abundant and scarce sources of students. Traditional agent contracts prevent flex in commission payments, keeping costs high and inhibiting responsive pricing when your organisation needs it.

Feezy lets you agree commission terms variably and at a granular level - down even to individual places on single programs of study. 

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End the perennial load planning challenges

All providers experience challenge ensuring load is met for at least some programs. Both famine & feast conditions can be costly, especially with indirect opex, marketing, and travel/events spends in mitigating these.

With Feezy your institution can list only the places on programs for which you actively seek applications, and you point these only at the agents you choose.

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Your institution carries 100% of risks today

If you have places unfilled when teaching begins - i.e. 'empty seats' - it's your organisation alone that carries that loss through the academic year and beyond. 

Non-genuine student applicants? Perhaps no-shows at enrolment time? Again, your risks to carry.

You need the best possible executive visibility of performance at every stage, including (and perhaps especially) during the agent sales process.

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Classroom diversity needn't cost millions

Traditional agent agreements make diversifying expensive. To outcompete other institutions simply change the way your contracts are agreed, from siloed and multi-year to responsive and competitive.

With Feezy you point your listings at agents operating only in those markets from which you seek students.

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Your agent tail is likely long (and expensive to run)

It's not unusual for <10% of an institution's agents to supply more than 35% of its international load. At the other end, the "tail", often many agents supply relatively few students.

There's a simple reason for this: the tail is usually not as incentivised to work hard for you. Change that by responsively agreeing terms with these.

And no - it's not all about money.


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You should always be looking for more and/or different agents

There are more than 30,000 agents globally, and any one institution can usually only partner with a tiny fraction of these. Cutting through the noise and identifying ideal new partner agents for your organisation is hard.

If you enable the feature, Feezy lets new agents offer to recruit to specific places at your institution. This is a great way to find the sources of the specific student types you seek.


Still curious?

Is Feezy an agent?

No. We don't take commission, don't process applications, and don't engage or counsel prospective students. We're a layer between agents and institutions that seemlessly facilitates more efficient commission terms.

How does my institution implement Feezy?

Create an account (c. 5 mins) and start listing. We're cloud-based, so there's zero on-premise set up required.

Join our waitlist and we'll advise you when we're ready to take on more users.

Does Feezy take commission?

No. Zero.

What about compliance?

Our platform's built to be fully compliant with Australia's stringent standards (ESOS). We only change the way commission terms are agreed, and this has powerful flow-on benefits for institutions (and agents). We have zero influence on entry requirements or visa compliance.

Is it ethically right to agree commissions this way?

This is one we hear often. Our response is: what's ethical or transparent about the way commission terms are agreed today? Agent A can be on 5% more than Agent B, and they'll each never know. We allow the market to define terms and introduce levels of visibility (and the opportunity to 'win') for so many more institutions and agents.

How do prospective students benefit?

In two main ways:

1. The quality of counselling and advice can improve, since agents will invest more time in understanding programs they have actively agreed to recruit to via Feezy (versus hundreds of programs at each of their hundreds of partners today). This can be via academic-led program briefings to the very small group of agents with which you've agreed terms, instead of 100 agents' counsellors signing up to a training webinar and half not showing up.

2. Tuition fee rises become less likely or less frequent if the cost of sourcing students holds or drops. Feezy alleviates margin stress and lets institutions retain more of the tuition fee. The alternative is 4%-5% annual rises which will price millions more prospects out of overseas study.

Does the way we pay agent commission change?

No it stays the same. All that changes are the specific commission amounts for any places agreed via Feezy. Payment schedules (i.e. post-census), payment methods, etc. all stay the same.

What about our traditional agent agreements?

We're here to augment your international recruitment, and Feezy's been built to work alongside existing agent agreements rather than replace these.

Any places agreed via Feezy with an existing partner agent of your institution are agreed at the varied terms. These are specific to the place(s). E.g. x-number of places, for y-program, for z-intake (month/year).

We give you a targeted and proactive way to source students whilst your standard agent operations continue alongside.

Can we deploy Feezy in very specific use-cases?

Yes, that's essentially what it's built to do.

Have a new program or a satellite campus opening next year and want to boost enrolments? Or need to boost applications to a niche Faculty or a struggling study area? Feezy helps both.

Or maybe a Faculty's intake is homogeneous to the point of risk/issue? We're a great way to source from desired regions or markets.

Bring your commission agreements into the 21st Century