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Create targeted commission deals with agents who guarantee to source qualified students ahead of your competitors


Video: a university agrees with one of its agents the supply of 20 UG Mechanical Engineers for January 2025 in return for 14.4% commission per qualified student the agent places. The agent had offered to source 35 students.

The agent is now contractually bound to source these 20 qualified students for this university, instead of passively flicking applications to its admissions team. The university chose which of its agents to show this recruitment opportunity (and which not).

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Only Feezy’s unique approach enables you to:

  • Target specific programs & markets to create deals with your existing agents and new agents
  • Secure agents' guarantees to source students ahead of your competitors
  • Vary commission rates dynamically for each deal agreed
  • Reduce costs & grow intakes by optimising the performance of your "agent tail"
  • Track and measure your agents' performance in real-time
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The agent supply chain is broken

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  • Increase your share of students from your preferred markets
  • Capture international students before your competitors do
  • Diversify classrooms & cut costs
  • 100% attribution of agent performance activity
  • Cloud-based, simple to implement, compliant

Compare how you work today with our way:

Compare how you work today with our way:


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A Struggling Faculty or School

Today it's zero-sum, but it needn't be

Your org probably puts 80% of its effort and spend into finding the largest student sources (biggest markets, largest demand areas). Good, because that's smart today. But this leaves niche areas under-served -- we let you find these niche students more easily.


Improve Conversion

Declining percentages mean increased cost and risk

The traditional agent dynamic has delivered a spread environment for agents. It's the reason your contracts will stipulate max. number of applications per student (good luck enforcing this). You need to constrain supply & drive % conversion in a more deliberate way.


De-risk Operations

Do you have enough visibility of your pipeline today?

Do you have readily-controllable taps to tighten and loosen re: agent supply? Maybe an Indian state's visa declines skyrocket, or perhaps several agents over-supply a program area with applications (swamping colleagues there). You need greater discretionary control.


Acquisition Costs

Yours are likely spiralling upwards, like most institutions'

Have you analysed and forecast the point at which it becomes impossible to continue at this rate? With inflationary pressures, upward agent commission percentages, and the increased cost of every stage of recruitment (plus largely frozen tuition fees), this date mightn't be too far off.

Time to change the way you do business?


Classroom Diversity

It's made out to be some kind of unicorn, but it isn't

When an organisation has a largely undifferentiated, passive approach to sourcing a commodity, it's going to end up with more of the most common variants that ecosystem offers.

As with agent-supplied students today. Getting more applications - proportionately - from some markets vs others? Change your structures a little to mitigate the risks and develop a truly global campus.


Pipeline / volume

This is most institutions' key imperative, and for a good reason

You've got precious few options to achieve this today. Recruit more students? Sure, but at what margin in today's pay-to-play environment? There are only so many discounts that can be disguised as scholarships before your market starts to sense neediness. And since your competitors are all doing it too, your market pretty quickly morphs to become the target audience of the next tier up.