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In 15 years in the UK & Australia, John has created & led award-winning teams and helped transform multiple universities' commercial operations.

His career includes sales & leadership roles at the Australian National University, UTS, University of Sheffield, and Aston University.

After seeing institutions and agents waste millions of dollars and thousands of hours of effort cycle after cycle John decided to create a better way to agree commission terms.

Feezy is built on the following insight: traditional agent agreements make providers' and agents' work more expensive and less effective because they prevent competition on commission and do not flex to real-world market changes. Siloed 3-year contracts are good for almost nobody, and they impact each subsequent stage of the recruitment process.

With Feezy, both providers and agents can improve margin and exceed KPIs via responsive, digitised deal terms.

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Institutions and agents are increasingly frustrated by the limitations of the traditional agent recruitment dynamic. Why does a multi-billion dollar sector still look like the 1990s when it comes to agent agreements?

Every other part of the acquisition funnel has been digitised, i.e. optimised, yet here we are with siloed agreements sat on shared drives for years. And agreements exist about as high upstream as possible, meaning they impact every subsequent activity & tactic.

This inefficiency hammers margins.

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Agents will often have access to the prospects institutions most want or need but will have no way to directly place these at the students' desired places of study. No agreement? No warm intro? The institution is likely to ignore your offer to recruit for them, since triaging approaches is hard and growing a quality agent network is expensive. So sub-agenting and its associated risk increases.

Or institutions will urgently need more applicants for some programs, and so email their agent network asking hard-working sales and counselling teams to "find more" of these prospects in <3 months. Even with the best possible efforts and a last ditch marketing budget, finding qualified students this way is not easy. It's usually expensive and often unsuccessful.

Not all programs should attract the same rates of commission.

Sure some traditional agreements vary terms by course or by Faculty. But this isn't something  you can solve in a complex schedule that then gets filed away for years.

With Feezy, the market decides what the commission should be at that moment in time.

What we offer is unique

We're different because the status quo isn't working



Existential crisis for higher education
Western Australia paying $10M agent commission
UK universities in trouble; Financial Times
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The PIE headline re: Canada & Agents
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Feezy enables responsive in-cycle recruiting in ways that simply aren’t possible with rigid traditional agreements. Know you have struggles each cycle with a Faculty or a program, or that a new too-big-to-fail course comes online next year? Then pre-agree granular terms with agents now and increase the likelihood you’ll fill those places, since those agents will now be actively recruiting to those places. Lack diversity in a study area? Then target these granular deals at agents in your desired markets.


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With our platform you agree the commission terms you feel reflect the value of your team’s effort and service, and for the programs and institutions to which you know you can recruit students. It’s objectively difficult to find niche students, and commission agreements can deliver a net-negative return for the costly effort involved. Now you can agree terms alongside your existing agreements and point your sales teams to these high margin prospects (alongside your existing prospect flows).

Bring your commission agreements into the 21st Century